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The Scoopie 60CC/90CC Double (2) Pack - Protein

The Scoopie 60CC/90CC Double (2) Pack - Protein


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  • The Scoopie is the only All-In-One Scoop and Funnel product the allows you to scoop your supplements, baby formula's or powder goods and easily dispense them into any container, such as a water bottle, with ZERO messes or spills. The Scoopie is portable with a cap so that you can take your products anywhere and at anytime! The Scoopie is food friendly and is guaranteed to be FDA Approved and COC certified. Never leave home without your supplements again!Never lug heavy containers to the gym again! Never waste your powders or make huge messes all over your counters or in your car again! No more paper funnels, hand funnels or dirty shaker bottles required!